His life hanging in the balance…

The Health and Wellness Program is a little name I made up for our attempts to eat healthier and exercise more. I don’t want to call it a diet because I consider it a permanent change. But sometimes the program breaks down.
I baked ginger cookies Friday night. This conversation took place Sunday afternoon, when merely four cookies remained.
Greg: (Looking with worry at the dwindling cookies) Are those ALL the cookies you baked?

Sarah: Why? Is that not enough for you?

Greg: (Face bashful. Stares at his feet.)

Sarah: (With her sternest voice.) You know this has been a complete failure of the Health and Wellness Program. I thought we would be taking these cookies to work in our lunches all week. They’re not even going to make it through the weekend!

Greg: (Looking ashamed.) But they’re good!

Sarah: I put some more in the freezer.

Greg: (Face lights up. Jumps up and down.) Yea!!!

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