This bed is juuuust right

When we were living back in Rochester, we knew Abe was sleeping on our bed while we were gone. When we came home, the afghan I kept at the foot of the bed would be rumpled instead of folded. But he knows he is banned from the bed (in large part because he has an insatiable appetite for pillows and comforters), so he never jumps up there when we’re home. As far as we could tell, he lost interest in the bed after we moved to Texas. Our bedroom is on the second floor, and he prefers the first floor because he runs his military command there.
Or so we thought… Upon arriving home from work the last few days, we have noticed the pillows on our bed knocked slightly askew, a slight round indent between them. On Monday, I touched the indentation and found it was warmer than the surrounding area. As I did this, Abe ran into the room, launched himself onto the bed, and laid down.
Suspicion confirmed.