The Dirt Farmer

As new Texans, we’re a little confused about how everything works down here. This afternoon, we planted some pansies and snap dragons. In Illinois, you plant these types of flowers in April, but here, mid-November. I’m saying a little prayer for these things as I’m planting them…please don’t let us get six inches of snow next week (which, of course, will never happen). Greg decided to help. He has minimal experience with flowers, so I was trying to be encouraging.

Greg: This one doesn’t have a flower.

Sarah: Don’t worry about it. I’ve already planted several without flowers. Just stick it in the ground. It’ll come up.

We finished the job and I began watering the flowers we planted. I got to the one Greg had planted that had no flower. Literally, no flower.

Sarah: Greg, what is this? You planted dirt?!! (He planted the potting soil from the package.)

Greg: You told me to!!! I told you it didn’t have a flower.

Sarah: I thought you meant it didn’t have any blooms, not that it didn’t have a plant!

So we’ll keep watering the potting soil and see if we’re able to grow even more potting soil.

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