Horses at Work

We were downtown last night for an apartment-warming party. The traffic was slow and confused as we tried to leave the city because police had closed down several main streets. Austin has a lot of horse-and-buggies and bicycle-drawn carts on weekends for the tourists. We ended up waiting behind a horse-and-buggy to make a left turn at an intersection.

Greg: Can I get behind this horse? I don’t know if he’s moving.

Sarah: No, he’s moving. Look at the feet. He’s on his way. Uhto, look at that.

Greg: Oh, shit.

Sarah: Literally.

The horse-and buggy finally makes a left turn.

Sarah: Look at that! He’s running a red light. Well, I guess he’s really just walking a red light.

Greg: No, it had just turned yellow when he entered the intersection. He’s within the law.