Collision Course

Winston met his rival yesterday.

Moooo. We bought a stuffed cow (well, actually a bull, it does have horns) for Abe. The cow has squeakers in each hoof and one in its tummy. Greg began squeaking the feet as soon as we got home. Winston came running faster than Abe. He felt fright, but also awe. Finally, a real live noise-making animal for him to hunt. But was it dangerous? He hadn’t encountered one of these so-called cows before. He crept forward with caution. He reached the spotted giant and began to sniff furiously. He decided not to bite. Despite his investigation, he still feared the wrath of the cow. Fortunately, Abe is helping ease Winston’s fears. He has already dismantled two hooves and the accompanying squeakers.

On a darker note, Abe had an accident in our yard today. He was running his trademark “crazy circles.” For those who haven’t seen this, Abe runs in frantic circles or figure-eight patterns. It’s his way of showing excitement and using up some of that terrier energy. The track conditions were good — dry with little wind — but a miscalculation sent Abe into the fence. He rammed his front left leg into one of the supporting posts. He cried out, came limping toward us, and then collapsed in the yard. Greg and I both ran toward him and gave him an examination. We were worried he might have broken a bone, but he seems to be OK. I actually carried him back into the house (yes, our future children will be sissies). He’s still limping slightly, but few things can stop a terrier.