Carb-Loving Cats Unite

Cats are supposed to be carnivores, aren’t they? We had french fries tonight with our turkey burgers. We eat fries maybe once a year, so Winston hadn’t seen (and smelled) them before. Pure cat bliss. As we were saying grace, he nabbed a fry and scurried across the kitchen table with it. He enjoys playing with his food, so he batted the fry onto the chair, and then onto the ground, where Abe immediately snarfed it.

Winston spent the rest of the meal trying to get another fry, and after repeated failure, trying to get one of the buns. Oh, how he savors a good piece of white bread! He once dragged a whole loaf of fresh focaccia across our kitchen counter. But tonight, he was unable to break the plastic barrier to get to the buns. Such frustration. The turkey burgers were easily accessible to him, but he had zero interest in them.

Winston’s curvy and he likes it. So bring on the carbs!