On my way…

Our office manager, Chandra, brings her yellow lab named Duke into the office almost every day. Duke has a nice cage and bed next to Chandra’s desk, but he often hangs out in my work cube all day. Why? I occasionaly give him a dog biscuit. Food goes a long way with dogs. How far? Duke no longer comes when Chandra calls him. He’ll only go when I tell him to. Also, when I go home at night, he tries to come with me, going as far as walking in the stairwell with me to leave. Of course, I don’t take him with me, but tell him to go back, which he does. All this because of a biscuit a day, and sometimes only half a biscuit. I don’t walk him or pick up his poop, but somehow I’ve managed to become his leader.

I have started my rise to the grand exalted position of king of the dogs.

There are three other dogs in the office that I’m trying to win over now. Why isn’t Abe in the office? Because, he also wants to be king of the dogs and I can’t have the competition.