Christmas spirit: We’ve got it!

The people who write our neighborhood newsletter made the mistake of printing a story about the holiday lights contest. Judging will be Dec. 16. We must try to forgive the people who published this article. They know not what they do.
Greg and I have competitive tendencies. The presence of lights, garland, and bright red plants intensifies these tendencies. We kicked off our decorating with a homemade wreath for the front door. I nagged Greg all weekend about putting up the lights. He kept saying he wasn’t in the mood. I knew he would never be in the mood because the temperature never dips below 60 here (Greg likes to prove his manliness by putting up lights when it’s -10 degrees and snowing).
Sunday, he finally relented. We strung white lights along the first-floor roofline and wrapped them around our front columns. Our neighbors ran a string of icicle lights along their porch and put bows on their lanterns. We felt that we were comfortably in the lead, at least on our street. I worry we may be disqualified though. One of the lanterns on our garage hasn’t worked since October. Our neighbors not only have more lanterns, but all of theirs work. Greg assures me that we will have up so many Christmas lights that our regular lanterns will be unnecessary (I’m hoping to get up some photos of this). Last night, the neighbors took the contest up a notch. They strung icicle lights along their second-story roofline and wrapped their front columns with red ribbon. Not to worry, we’ll show them. I’m planning to wrap our front columns in gold ribbon. You can’t top gold. And we think we’ll buy some garland and lights to run along our backyard fence. Many plans are in the works. They cannot be revealed just yet. But rest assured, we will be out there at 2 a.m. Dec. 16 to launch our final surprise attack for the neighborhood lights contest.