Dinner is still on

Every morning, Abe waits next to our bed until I get up. I then walk downstairs with him by my side, open the back door, and let him out to do his business. We have a fenced yard so he can stay out as long as he wants. But, he comes right back so that he doesn’t miss the chance to lick a cereal bowl. After the bowls are cleaned, he’ll often head over to the couch and take a little nap. About the time I get out of the shower he comes up the stairs, into the bathroom, and licks the shower door, floor, and sometimes my leg.

This morning was a little different. After I got out of the shower, Abe did his normal slurping of the excess water. Sarah, who was blow drying her hair at this time, stopped and said, “You know why he’s doing that? Because he’s been eating a lot of beef this morning. It made him thirsty.”

“Beef?” I was skeptical of that, but also a little worried. I knew we had bought a steak the night before. Had Sarah set the steak out to thaw, only to have Winston knock it to the floor and into the waiting jaws of our little terror?

“Yes.” And Sarah gave a little nod towards the bedroom. Then it was clear. This morning, he skipped the nap on the couch and lay down on his pillow bed next to our bed, where there was now a good amount of stuffing. He had spent the time chewing on his cow, or his “Moo” as we have taken to calling it. While he hasn’t gotten to the good rib section yet, he has managed to empty most of the legs. I laughed and felt relieved, knowing my dinner was still secure in the fridge, at least until the cat figures out how to open the freezer door. And that is only a matter of time.