Shh… it’s a secrect

[A conversation you may have heard this evening while Greg was playing guitar and singing Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel with Sarah listening.]

“… It’s a little secret, just a Robinson’s affair.” – Greg

“Wait, what was that?” – Sarah

“Affair.” – Greg

“Affair?” – Sarah

“Yeah, what did you think it was?” – Greg

“I don’t want to say. Let me look at the lyrics…. That’s what it is?” – Sarah

“Yeah. What did you think?” – Greg

“I don’t want to say…. I’ll give you a hint. ROAR!” – Sarah (holding her arms over her head in a threatening manner)

“What?” – Greg

“So, I thought it was, ‘It’s a little secret, Chester Robinson’s a bear.'” – Sarah

[So, she thought Chester was Mrs. Robinson’s husband and they had to hide the fact that he was a bear from their kids. How the kids would not have known their dad was a bear is beyond me.]