Texas snow day

I’m reveling in the cold! The temperature finally dropped below 32 degrees last night. I have been a wimp all my life, a proud wimp, but a wimp nonetheless. I despised northern winters as I shivered constantly. I come from a long line of cold people. My grandpa keeps his house at 75 degrees year-round. But here in Texas, I am Eskimo Sarah of the Northern Hinterlands. People yesterday warned me that I better bundle up before walking outside (many schools are cancelled today because there is ice on the roads … a snow day, they call it). I shrugged. What is 30 degrees to Eskimo Sarah? My people have lived through months of harsh cold, temperatures below zero, winds howling, feet of snow engulfing their legs. My father, the Great Loras of the Eastern Iowa Hinterlands, walked miles to school in the winter … uphill in both directions.
Greg and I took Abe for a walk yesterday evening. We had to show off our grit and strength in the face of perilous conditions. And Abe had to one-up us. He walked naked.

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