New and improved!

The Even Sharper Image is pleased to offer the Tactile Alarm Clock. Tired of arriving late to work? Need an extra jolt to get you out of bed in the morning? This clock is for you!
So easy to set, just feed the TAC at the same time for five consecutive mornings, and it is programmed for life. The TAC uses a patented armpit-poking technique to gently rouse you from your slumbers. Armpit pokes not enough? The TAC can be set for advanced mode, delivering a series of acupuncture-like pricks to your hands and ankles. For those who are especially pain tolerant, the TAC emits a series of yowls while stationed inches from your face. To shut off the TAC, simply get out of bed and pour fresh food.
The TAC also makes a great gift for business travelers. At a feather-light 13 pounds, it’s easy to take with you. And it’s cordless and battery-free!
The TAC is the most advanced technology available for today’s discerning consumer.
Act now, and you’ll receive a free bag of tacnip to keep your clock humming!