Wide open doorways

Our last house was a glorious house that we loved and miss dearly. There was one problem that we had with it though: The front door, if the wind was strong enough, would not stay shut.

One winter night when the wind was especially strong, I heard a strange whooshing sound. I decided to disregard it, but it came back a minute later. I walked out of the office and looked around. Nothing was out of the ordinary, but the house did feel cold. I walked further into the center of the house until I could see the front door. It was wide open. Winston was walking back into the house! My stomach dropped. Winston is always trying to leave and explore the outdoors, but he is an indoor cat. And he rarely comes back on his own from those adventures. For him to be walking in now meant that the door must have been open for a long time.

And where was Abe?

I ran out into the cold and called Abe. I even yelled out that I had some treats for him. No response. I had lost our dog. I ran back in to the house, put on some shoes, and grabbed a flashlight and some treats. Meanwhile, Winston attempted to get out again. I had to lock him in the laundry room. I ran down the street looking for Abe. How could I have lost our dog? What would Sarah say? Why didn’t our door stay shut?

As I approached the corner, I saw a man in the distance jogging down the street. He had a little dog running next to him. As he got closer, the dog dashed toward me. It was Abe! Abe had gotten loose, found some human out and about, and just ran next to him.

I don’t know how long he was out, or what would have happened if that jogger had decided to go the other way instead. I do know that when we got back Winston was looking disapointed. Winston is not his brother’s keeper.