A pure heart?

Greg holds the opinion that dogs, especially Abe, are essentially good and only want to please humans. He believes that a dog will not deliberately do the wrong thing. Of course, he believes the same thing about computers. And anyone who has spent much time around me knows that I can cause a computer to crash just by looking at it funny.
A few days ago, we were following our usual morning routine. Greg let Abe outside and then let him back in a few minutes later. Abe usually waits patiently at my feet while I finish my cereal because he gets to lick the bowl at the end. But on this morning, Abe ran past me and up the stairs. He had a sense of purpose to his steps.
“What is he doing?” I asked. “Doesn’t he want to lick my bowl?”
“He’s smart,” Greg said. “He’s going back to bed.”
“But is he going back to his own bed OR back to our bed?” I asked.
I trudged up the stairs and headed toward the shower. I saw Abe, loyal, obedient, only-does-the-right-thing Abe, standing amid the rumpled sheets on our bed. He leapt off the bed and scurried down the stairs.
“Where was he?” Greg shouted from downstairs.
“Where do you think he was? Why would he feel the need to run away from me if he were in his own bed?”
Yes, Abe always wants to do the right thing … if we’re watching.