A movie star in the dark of night

It is the end of the world. Not really, but it might be if you were to ride in the car with Sarah at night.

As part of our move to the great Lone Star state of Texas, Sarah got a new driver’s license. But, the vision test didn’t go as well as anyone would have hoped. It turned out that she couldn’t read any letters with her left eye, unless she wore her glasses. So, now the phrase, “Must wear corrective lenses” adorns Sarah’s driver’s license. She only had reading glasses though. Obviously, all the squirrels in the neighborhood were now in mortal danger, unless they happened to actually be on the hood of the car with a book by Bill Bryson.

The next day at work, I asked around for recommendations for an optometrist and got a few. Sarah made an appointment. I took a couple hours off work to drive her there. Sitting in the waiting room, I flipped through some old magazines on housekeeping and read a few jokes from a Reader’s Digest magazine that was hidden beneath some advertisements for glasses. Sarah eventually came out from the doctor’s office and went to pick out the frames and lenses that she would be getting.

As she was finishing up, I joined her to get the details. The frame “expert” went over the pricing and how much we saved since we had insurance. Frankly, I was more concerned with how much we were spending rather than saving. But, everything looked good. Sarah got the receipt and was told to come back in about a week to pick up the glasses.

As we were walking out, I asked her what she had gotten. She told me about the frames and how she went with the tinted glasses because there aren’t many clouds down here and she could use them as sunglasses too. I paused a little before I asked the question that seemed so obvious to me, “If you got the sunglasses, how are you going to drive at night?”

God save the squirrels.

One thought on “A movie star in the dark of night

  1. I have to defend myself here. Austin is sunny 300+ days of the year. This isn’t your typical sun either. We’re talking about a shoes-melt-to-the-pavement kind of heat. Nobody with a smidgen of sanity (and I do retain at least a smidgen) would drive here during the summer without tinted lenses.

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