The Bermuda Triangle

Greg and I tend to be in sync to a frightening degree. If we get dressed in the morning without seeing each other, we inevitably both put on jeans and a gray sweater or khakis and a red shirt. We’ve had people ask us if we’re matching on purpose. Sometimes we converse wtihout talking. I will start to ask a question, and Greg will respond before I ask.
“Did you …”
“But I didn’t ask the question.”
“But I already know the question.”
Somehow, when we visit a store with aisles, all of this synchronicity breaks down. Take us into a Home Depot, Wal-Mart, or grocery store, and we lose track of each other within minutes.
When we went grocery shopping last night, I stopped at the deli counter to buy ham while Greg went to get some cereal. It took several minutes to get the ham. I checked the cereal aisle, but Greg wasn’t there. I knew we only had a few things left on our shopping list, so I cruised over to the orange juice area, then the dental floss area. No Greg. The half-pound of ham was starting to feel like a whole side of pig. It was 8 p.m., and I still hadn’t eaten dinner. Greg had the cart, and my purse was in the cart, so I didn’t have my cell phone. I couldn’t call Greg, which is how we sometimes escape these idiotic situations. I strolled back past the orange juice and over to the deli counter, figuring Greg might have gone there to wait for me. Nope. I started getting angry. What was wrong with this guy? He knew I was buying ham, so why didn’t he come back to the deli counter to get me? How can an engineer be so illogical? Grrrr!
I finally found Greg back in the cereal aisle.
“Where were you?” I asked.
“I got cereal and then went by the deli counter and up front by the dental floss, thinking you might be there, but you weren’t. So I came back here,” he said.
“Well, you got the other stuff on the list so we can leave now, right?”
“No. All I got was the cereal.”
Double grrrr!