For Whom the Bell Tolles

Greg and I tried to improve ourselves. Really, we did.
We checked out some books on CD for our winter travels, including The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle. We popped in the first CD somewhere in Central Illinois as we headed south. Eckhart read the introduction. Poor Eckhart. He possesses the most monotone, listless voice I have ever heard. I think he is responsible for the voice of computers. The computer makers recorded him reading the dictionary and then stored it on your hard drive. (Greg will tell you this is not how computer voices work, but I know he is just keeping industry secrets.)
As Eckhart droned on, I turned to Greg and asked, “He’s not going to read the whole thing, is he?” Greg looked skeptical. Well, Eckhart did read the whole thing, or at least the first three chapters, which is all we could get through. A little dinging bell signaled the end of each chapter and helped rouse me from my naps.
Eckhart wrote the book to help others reach spiritual enlightenment. He underwent some sort of transformation at 29 and has lived in a state of bliss since then. I expected bliss to sound different somehow … a little more like Enya, a little less like Eckhart. Clearly the man has power. How else could he convince the publisher to allow him to read the book? Hypnosis, perhaps. You are getting sleeeeepy…
As we traveled through Oklahoma, I asked Greg if we should try listening to the Power again.
“You CANNOT put that in unless you will stay awake,” he said sternly. “Because I will fall asleep.”
Oh Eckhart, how will we ever become enlightened now?