A Path of Destruction

Abraham R. Muthler, age 18 in dog years, has been taken into custody and is being held without bones. He is wanted in connection with today’s theft of tissues and cough drop wrappers from a wastebacket. He is also a suspect in the destruction and littering of the aforementioned items. Abraham has been in and out of the juvenile detention system his whole life on a string of convictions ranging from theft to battery to kidnapping. The crimes Abraham is being held in connection with are all misdemeanors. Police say the value of the destroyed items was 18 cents. This will be Abraham’s first trial in the adult system.
Winston T. Muthler, age 48 in cat years, was also taken into custody for questioning. Police believe he witnessed the crime. It is not clear whether he was an accomplice.

3 thoughts on “A Path of Destruction

  1. Absolutely hilarious!! Abe, don’t feel bad. My cat, Alisha, would have eaten all the paper, and plastic if it were there, and then thrown it up later that night.

  2. Having housed Winston, it is my belief that Winston has framed poor unsuspecting Abe. You’ll need that lawyer, Abe. Winston’s crafty!

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