Desperation is …

Proofreading the index of a math textbook on a Wednesday afternoon, your eyes occupied, your mind roaming. You need something to eat, or chew, or suck on. A trip to the vending machine. Lifesavers!
Eagerly unwrapping, only to find they are stuck together as though they have been melted by the sun. Maybe they have. Fingers pry until you nearly rip the nail off your thumb. Teeth flash. But they are useless, evolution having not yet prepared us for the hardness of corn syrup and artificial flavor. Now the Lifesavers are wet and sticky. It starts to feel like the Lifesavers could save your life, if only you could pull them apart. You must have the Lifesavers! How will you get through the B’s, the C’s, the D’s? My gosh, you’re still only on the A’s! Can you put the whole roll in your mouth at once? What if someone stops by your cubicle to ask a question? Too much embarassment.
Tools. That is what you need. Stabbing the crevices between the candies with a pen. Fingertips coated in sticky colors. The pen fails.
Scissors. Yes, they’ve been right in front of you this whole time. Trying to cut between the sugary masses. What if someone sees you? Begin working on reasonable explanation just in case. Pop! Finally, a fragment of pineapple snaps free. Desk and A’s and B’s are littered with red and green shards. But at least you can have one moment of sanity with that Lifesaver in your mouth.

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