The guilt of a working mom

Abe knows that Greg is the softy in the family. Papa will gladly let him sleep in the bed. But Abe also knows that Papa isn’t home this week (he’s in California for work), so he has launched the Make Mama a Softy campaign.
After showering and brushing my teeth this morning, I walked into the bedroom to get dressed and saw our fine dog laying on the bed. And not just anywhere on the bed, but leaning against my pillow, curled into a little fuzzy ball.
“Abe, are you supposed to be up there?” I asked.
He lifted his head and started wagging his tail as fast as it would go. He seemed to say, “No, but I’m so sad when you leave me alone all day. So don’t leave. But if you must leave, at least let me nap here. It smells like you. I love you, Mama.”
I’m telling you, the creature can talk with his eyes. And I do feel bad about leaving him home alone all day. Oh, the guilt!
I made Abe jump down onto his bed, and he seemed happy to be there. He even rolled onto his back so I could rub his tummy.
But a few minutes later I found him back on the bed in the same spot. He refused to come downstairs when I was getting ready to leave, so I had to coerce him with a Milk-bone.
And even though I’m at work now, and Abe is supposed to be working too (guarding the house), I know exactly what he is doing … sleeping on the job.