How about a flavor for the ladies?

I often feel sorry for Greg because he got stuck with me, a woman who loves to bake but can’t gain weight even if she wants to. I made a surprising discovery when I stepped on the scale yesterday, the first time I had weighed myself in a month or two.
“You should try stepping on the scale, Greg. I think it might be broken.”
“Why, is it too heavy?” Greg asked.
“Is it too light?” Greg asked.
“When I weighed myself earlier, I had lost four pounds. And I haven’t been doing anything. I haven’t been dieting or even exercising much. How can this be?”
Greg ran upstairs to weigh himself.
“I’m still the same weight. The scale isn’t broken,” Greg said. “Maybe you need to eat more ice cream.”
“Yes, I think I do,” I said.
“Did you get ice cream at the store today?” Greg asked.
“Yes, I did.”
“What flavor?” Greg asked.
“Chubby Hubby.” (Greg shot me his “You are so evil” look.)
“I’m sorry, but Ben and Jerry don’t make Skinny Wife ice cream.”