The death of Blue Goose Jr.

Blue Goose Jr. is dying, I’m afraid. He is my beloved computer of four years. Greg built him for me during my senior year of college, and he was the computer of my dreams. He had a fast CD burner and a pretty white and blue case that I chose. I named him after my first car, which had died the previous year. He stood by me through grad school, when I had to spend hours transcribing taped interviews onto him. He was dependable throughout the planning of the wedding, and he has seen me through two job searches.
Last week, Blue Goose Jr. developed health problems. He strained every time I tried to use the Internet. It was as though he was having an asthma attack. I heard him gasping for breath, and he moved very slowly. I don’t know where he caught the illness. I do know that Greg is not helping him. I keep asking Greg if Blue Goose Jr. is healthy yet, and he says, “Nope, I haven’t done anything with it.” Greg is a devotee of Linux software and Apple computers. I think he wants Blue Goose Jr. to die. The poor creature, he can’t help it that he is a Windows machine.
Please, Greg, it is a breach of the computer medic code of conduct to withhold your services. Blue Goose Jr. can still be saved. He’s counting on you!