The Truth about Abe

Greg and I have contemplated a trip to Europe, but one thing has been holding us back. The fuzzy little monster. We feel OK about boarding Winston for a week or two as he already spends most of his time in one position even though he has a vast kingdom to roam. But Abe can’t stand to be locked up, and he really can’t stand to be away from people.
Well, wonder of wonders, James, a friend of ours, has expressed interest in dog-sitting if we go on vacation.
Greg told James some of the details of dog duty: water, supper, bathroom breaks, and a walk if you have time. Greg said walks are not essential, but they are a good idea because Abe is a “Chic Magnet.”
Upon hearing that, James said he would walk Abe at Town Lake, where many chics hang out.
I always knew Greg got Abe to try to scare off his wrinkled old prune of a wife. As soon as he gets rid of me, the chics will come flocking.