No news on Abraham Lincoln, yet

Greg and his mom, Karen, had a video chat today on their computers. They discussed Land of Abe.

Karen: Are you getting a lot of visitors to your Web site?

Greg: We’ve gotten over 1,000 hits this month.

Karen: Are people going there by accident?

Ouch, an arrow plunged into my feeble, little heart. Karen meant no offense, of course, and Greg then explained how people find blogs.
We have tried to make the site enjoyable for our readers. Most of our hits come from search engine bots. We like to think the few human visitors we get find at least mild entertainment here and maybe even come here on purpose. If nothing else, reading the posts might offer reassurance that there is always someone out there who is a little loonier than you.
So if you were looking for Lincoln, sorry about this. But our Abe is cool too!

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