The real reason I can’t find a job

I applied for a job yesterday as publications coordinator for the Special Olympics. This process involved three simple steps.
1. Write short cover letter.
2. Attach resume and salary history to e-mail.
3. Send e-mail.
Even before I started writing my cover letter, I knew I would forget step two. I was in writing mode, though, and I didn’t want to interrupt my thoughts. I finished my cover letter, admired its succinct beauty, and hit send.
As soon as I saw “Your message has been sent,” I realized what I had done. It wouldn’t have been so embarassing had the first sentence of the message not said, “My resume and salary history are attached.” And of course the rest of the message expounded on my accuracy and attention to detail.
I quickly typed a short second message, attached my resume and salary history, and sent it. Phew! OK, maybe they would still consider me.
Greg came downstairs, and I told him about the fiasco. He pulled up the messages I had sent. He opened the second message, scanned it, and closed it.
“Wait a minute,” I said. “Did I misspell resume in the second message?”
He reopened the second message.
I rolled out of my chair and curled up in a ball on the floor, shaking with laughter while tears streamed down my face. Greg laughed until he could hardly breathe.
Maybe I should change my focus here … I could try out for the Special Olympics instead.

One thought on “The real reason I can’t find a job

  1. When I read this, I laughed for about an hour…and then had to show it to Eddie and Lisa (who, coincidentally, volunteers with the special olympics). Good times, Sarah Jane, good times…

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