No Monday morning quarterbacks here

We watched some of the Super Bowl last night, mainly the last quarter and the commercials. Neither Greg nor I normally watch football, so we weren’t rooting for any team in particular. We spent a while talking about how football is popular because a lot of the players have beer bellies. So middle-aged guys laying on their couches with beer bellies can imagine that they have a shot at the NFL. I pointed out that the beer bellies seem to catch up with them. I’m always hearing about football players dying in their 40s and 50s.
After the game, they presented a trophy to the MVP. The announcer said Bart Starr, the MVP of the first Super Bowl, would carry the trophy onto the field. The camera panned down to him. The announcer explained how the Vince Lombardi trophy is presented each year. Greg had been working on a Sudoku puzzle, but turned his head to watch Starr walk onto the field.

Sarah: “Wow, that guy is still alive?” (I figured most of the guys from the first Super Bowl would have died by now. Weren’t the helmets made of cotton back then?)
Greg: “Is that Vince?”
(Greg sounded pretty impressed that they had gotten Lombardi to carry his own trophy onto the field.)
Sarah: “No, that’s the guy who won the first Super Bowl MVP. I think Vince Lombardi has been dead for a long time.”
Greg: “Well, I thought he would have to be older than that guy. He would be really old by now.”

For Greg’s sake, I’m glad that there weren’t any other men in the room. And for my sake, I’m glad that Greg doesn’t like football.
For the record, Lombardi died in 1970.