He said, she said

When Greg and I went to the grocery store today, we parked across from a Jeep Cherokee. The Cherokee has been redesigned, and this was the first new one we had seen.

“That looks different,” Greg said.

“It looks more like a mail truck,” I said.

“You thought it looked female before?” Greg asked.

I paused, considered his comment, and smiled when I realized the confusion.

“Nevermind,” I said. “This conversation has been a complete failure. In writing, this conversation might have worked, but not spoken.”

We got out of the car. Greg still looked a little confused.

“OK, I’ll try again,” I said. “That new Jeep looks more like a postal truck to me.”

“Ahhhh,” Greg said, the light bulb turning on.

I’m going to blame the whole thing on the rain, because it is, for once, raining here.