Drunken cat

When I picked up Winston after his teeth cleaning yesterday, the anesthesia still had a hold on him. I opened his carrier when we got home, and he made a dash for the nearest door, but only his front legs worked. His back half tipped from one side to the other, his pupils were dilated, and his head bobbed up and down. I wanted to hold him in my arms and nurture him, but he wasn’t that drunk. He was sober enough to know that he wanted nothing to do with me. Greg wanted to run out and buy a video camera so we could forever remember the discombobulation. That Greg, he can be such a meanie.
Today Winston’s almost back to normal, a little tired, but doing OK. He has not yet resumed biting me though. Maybe he thinks the teeth cleaning was punishment for all his biting. Maybe he will stop biting altogether. He’s going to be the best cat in the whole wide world!

2 thoughts on “Drunken cat

  1. Hi Sarah and Greg! I found your blog through Friendster. I’ve got a blog too, though it’s probably not too interesting to you if you’re not a knitter. ;)

    Hope Winston recovers to his normal bitey self!

  2. Hey Meredith!

    We looked through your site yesterday. I had no idea you could do all that. It was very impressive!

    Oh, and Winston has returned to his normal bitey self. He drew blood this morning.

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