If you can’t beat ’em …

I’m not finding my new job too enthralling yet. As I sat at work today, I kept reminding myself that I am being paid to be there, that they’re paying me to keep me from running off and doing something fun. I was raised with the mistaken notion that work can be fun. All the adults around me said that if I got really good grades and studied hard that someday I could do whatever job I wanted. Presumably, a fun job that I liked. And boy, did I get good grades.

Well, as an adult, I’ve figured out that very few people get jobs that are fun, even those people who are really smart and spent their entire youths studying. I can’t find anyone who will pay me to do things I enjoy doing. So, I work for money instead. But if I worked at a different job, I could make more money.

This is where Greg comes in. His job is boring, but he makes good money. So I decided that as long as I’m going to be bored at work, I should get paid as much as I can. I asked Greg to teach me everything he knows about computer engineering in the hopes that I might pursue this profession instead. He gave me my first lesson this evening. Here, in brief, is a summary of what he taught me: Branches, vectors, and ffffffff is a really big number.

OK, fine, that wasn’t a brief summary. That was everything he taught me, but I’d say that puts me a few steps ahead of the competition. So I’m going to make up a few new resumes with these skills I learned, and get out there and pound the pavement. You may be looking at the next superstar for Intel or Microsoft.