When minutes seem like hours

Last Friday, Sarah turned on the sprinkler system to water her flowers. She set it for three minutes.

About five minutes later, it was still running. Curious. I went to the garage to check the control box and saw that it wasn’t set for three minutes, but for three hours! I had always been suspicious when Sarah was telling me about setting the timer, something just never seemed right. I also checked the program I had set to run for a few minutes three nights a week, and it was all messed up. One section was set to run for 3 hours and 40 minutes, while another was set for 2 hours and 7 minutes. At that rate our water bill would be astronomical!

I confronted her about it. “If you die, Greg, I’m just going to have to sell the house because I can’t run anything in here!” she said.

And then later, she asked me, “Why would they make it so it could run for three hours? Who in their right mind is going to run a sprinkler system for three hours?” Who indeed, Sarah, who indeed.