The irony of the rolling blackout

As I flipped though the TV stations last night, I caught the end of the weather forecast. The weather man suggested people take an umbrella to work today. April showers? Nope. Not a chance.

He suggested the umbrella because the forecasted temperature was 95-100 degrees, and the UV index would be at 11. I thought the UV index only went to 10, but no, a little research shows that 11 is the top. About the only time you hit 11 is when you are standing directly on the surface of the sun, gases flaring around you. Oh, and also, when you are in Texas. I think I got a sunburn on my left arm just by driving home from work.

The power company has started rolling blackouts, although none have hit our area yet. With a blackout, you generally think of darkness, don’t you? But right now, it’s nearly 6:30 p.m., we’ve got all the shades down, and yet our house is filled with light as though the Enola Gay has just flown over and dropped THE bomb. Hard as the power company might try, they can never truly create a blackout.

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