Why Winston is so unlucky with the ladies

I know some of our friends and family have probably wondered when Winston is going to find a female, when he will finally settle down and take a wife. He is, afterall, 7, which is about 50 in cat years I suppose. Well, I know why Winston remains single, and I’m going to fill you in.

Yesterday morning, I packed a tuna fish sandwich for my lunch while Winston sat nearby. (Yes, I know this may puzzle some of you. I’ve started eating tuna since I found a recipe with no mayo). Anyway, the tuna had a few too many onions in it, so I started picking them out. I had a pile of about 10 onions when Abe barked. He was waiting at the back door to come back into the house. I moved the tuna sandwich away from Winston and went to the back door to let Abe in. When I came back, my tuna sandwich remained whole. My pile of onions, however, was gone. Winston ate the whole pile.

If Winston thinks he’s going to find a lady to smooch when he’s been eating piles of onions — and not just piles of onions, but piles of onions with bits of tuna on them — well, he’s sorely mistaken. And you know he doesn’t even brush his teeth?! Isn’t that awful? Definitely no ladies on the horizon for this guy.

2 thoughts on “Why Winston is so unlucky with the ladies

  1. I don’t know which is more amazing…Winston eating the onions or you eating the tuna!

  2. Yes, I think it’s probably disappointing for my mom that I didn’t start eating it until now considering she spent the first 20 years of my life trying to get me to like it.

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