Silly Americans

I know a lot of other countries scoff at how ridiculous Americans can be. Much of the time I agree with the foreigners, and I fear that I might be married to one of the silly Americans.

Greg has been participating in a boot camp with several of his colleagues at work. Three times a week, they meet with an Army drill sergeant who runs them through all sorts of exercises and obstacles. This morning the instructor decided to have them do a “fun” exercise. He put his car in neutral and made them push it down a street, around a corner, and up a ramp into a parking garage. Did I mention that Greg is paying money to participate in this program? That’s right, folks. If your car stalls on the highway, you know who to call. Greg will gladly push your car to its destination, and you don’t even have to pay him. Heck, he will pay you for the honor.

The beautiful irony of the story is that after they finished the class, one of the participants walked back to her car to find that it would not start.