Wasn’t I supposed to be the cream of the crop?

A couple of my friends recently introduced me to Myspace.com. I have found many of my high school classmates and discovered something disconcerting.

Many people seem to have gotten significantly better looking since high school. I was under the impression that most people would go downhill after 18. It’s been eight years. Shouldn’t everyone — even the girls — have triple chins and be bald by now? I thought that when I showed up at the 10-year reunion that I would knock ’em dead just by having a single chin and a full head of hair. All the boys I had a crush on in high school would be scratching their bald pates, wondering why they never gave me a chance. So maybe that won’t happen until the 15-year reunion …

And another thing. I thought all of my nerdiness was supposed to pay off. In high school, everyone told me that eventually nerds end up ruling the world, yet many of my classmates found gainful employment. How could they possibly find jobs when they didn’t spend the entirety of their teenage years studying? Hmmm … perplexing. I need to get started on taking over a large company. Or maybe a small country. And quickly.

3 thoughts on “Wasn’t I supposed to be the cream of the crop?

  1. I looked at my senior yearbook this evening and was thinking the exact same thing..except the only thing I had going for me was the grades. Everyone has now lost weight, looks stunning, has amazing careers, and I think I’ve gone down a few notches. I vow here and now to change myself…….need a second in command for your rule over a small country???

  2. I am the exception that proves the rule.

    What’s worse is when you fill up your myspace friends with fictional TV characters and bands, thereby creating the false impression that you have a multitude of myspace friends. But in reality there are only about 2 or 3 people interspersed in the group that actually qualify as “friends” and one is your sister-in-law.

    Hi Greg. Michelle and I enjoy your website and whatnot. Sarah, nice to cyber-meet you.

  3. Hey Mango and Michelle!

    But with you there was never any doubt though.

    You sure got a lot of friends and Pam too! She’s cool.


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