Stop, drop, and roll, Kitty!

Last night I tried a new pizza recipe. It was a potato pizza, and instead of cheese, the recipe called for cream. This made the potatoes taste a little au gratin. The problem with using cream instead of cheese is that it spills. One side of our crust was a little low, and the cream started dripping onto the bottom of our oven, which caused the house to get smoky, which caused the fire alarms to go off. Greg and I ran around the house throwing open windows. Winston made a beeline for the couch and quickly slid underneath.

Apparently Winston missed the fire video where they warn you not to try to hide from the fire. So if you should happen to be driving down the street and see a house in flames, with two people frantically shoving a heavy, green couch and a struggling furball out the door, well, you know what’s going on.