Where is Casper?

I joined a Bunco group, and our first meeting was Thursday night. For those who don’t know, Bunco is a dice game that is usually played with a group of 12. I think it’s bridge for the 21st century. Yes, I’m officially an old lady.

It turns out that I’m a successful old lady though. We planned to play six rounds, and the person who won the most rounds was to get a prize. I won my first round and my second and my third and my fourth, and oh my gosh, I started to think I had a chance at winning every round. I am REALLY good at rolling dice.

And that’s when the ghosts showed up. We were short two players, so we had ghost players fill in (really just an empty chair, or at least it appeared that way). We switched partners each round, so almost everyone had a ghost partner at some point. The ghost would sit across from you, and when his turn came, you rolled for him.

The ghost I had in the fifth round must have been really bad because we lost the round. I glared at the empty chair across from me. In the sixth round, I got stuck with the other ghost, and he was even worse! I don’t know why those ghosts had it in for me, but I ended up missing out on the prize, which went to a woman who won five of the six rounds. Maybe the ghosts knew that I planned to keep the prize — a Cheesecake Factory gift certificate — all to myself. You only live once, right?

3 thoughts on “Where is Casper?

  1. Hehe.. I’m an old lady too. At my brother’s track meet two people asked if my dad and I were my brother Matt’s parents. I also am a proud member of an old lady group, the reading club, which I am the youngest member by at least 35-40 years. Just call me Dorothy….Dorothy Zbornack.

  2. Well, I am a member of a knitting group, but while I am quite a bit younger than some of the ladies (and men!), I’m not the youngest. Hmm, I wonder if it has something to do with all the GG watching? We’re maturing too quickly!
    (Hi Amanda!)

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