Ready to don a kilt

What began as a casual suggestion that we paint the master bathroom might become a complete home renovation. We axed the idea of painting the bathroom — at least for now — because we don’t spend much time there. Instead, we decided to paint our office. Greg assured me that he had painted his bedroom in high school, and it was soooo easy. You just buy a bucket of paint, slap it on the walls, and six minutes later, you’re done.

It’s looking like we’ll be closer to six days than six minutes though. Our first mistake was choosing to do this in June, in a room that faces west so that the sun comes blazing through the giant window for much of the day. We started applying the primer Saturday afternoon, and by the time we finished the corners and the baseboard, I felt a sense of doom. We were NEVER going to finish. We’d been working maybe two hours, but I felt certain we wouldn’t finish. I was ready to stop. Could we leave the room like this? It wasn’t so bad — tan with white accents.

Saturday night, I drove out to Home Depot — my hands and legs splattered in primer — because one gallon hadn’t been enough. We tackled the actual painting on Sunday, rolling Scotland Road green across the bumpy walls. When we finished, the room looked awesome. But a few hours later I walked back into the room and noticed a few white spots. Our walls are heavily textured, and it’s difficult to get the paint into the valleys. I grabbed a brush and began touch-ups.

But today, I’m seeing even more spots that don’t look quite right. Greg says no one will look at our walls with a magnifying glass and that I should relax. How can I relax when I know there are tiny white spots mocking me? Oh sure, you can hide them behind the furniture, but they’re still back there, waiting to peek out.

On top of my insanity, we have another actual (real) problem. When we took the tape off the ceiling last night, we had specks of green where we shouldn’t. This is because of the textured walls. The paint sneaked into the valleys. So either we have to paint the ceiling, or — drumroll, please! — put up crown molding! I’ve been pestering Greg about crown molding for a while, and now I have the perfect excuse.

After the painting and the addition of the molding, our office is going to look great. Our other rooms, however, our plain, tan rooms with no molding, will look downright drab. We’ll have to do something about that …