A new dog in the family

We took Abe for his first haircut today. When we arrived at Petsmart, Abe’s groomer began leafing through her book of 150 dog breeds.

“If you find him in there, let me know,” I told her jokingly. She had to choose a breed for Abe because they charge based on breed. I think she ended up settling on a wire fox terrier, which he most certainly is not.

When we picked him up later, the groomer told us that someone walking by had wanted to know if Abe was one of the dogs visiting from the animal shelter. They wanted to adopt Abe. And I can see why. He is one dapper doggy.

Head shot

Full body

Winston is extremely curious about the whole thing. He has been boldly thrusting his nose toward every inch of Abe’s body. Maybe he doesn’t recognize Abe. Or maybe he’s just intrigued by Abe’s apple-pear cologne. We’ll let you know if this helps Abe with the ladies.

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