Firefighters on water

Sarah and I went to a boat party Friday evening. A buddy of mine from work rented a party boat and took a group of us out onto Lake Austin. It was a lot of fun and there were some interesting experiences.

For most of the trip, we were cruising the lake and talking to people. Our boat chugged along at a swimmer’s pace, and so most of the other boats easily passed us. I was seated at the front of the boat facing backwards while Sarah was across from me facing the front. One of the faster boats approaching us from behind caught my attention. It had the words “Fire Department” on the side, and there were a half dozen shirtless guys aboard. I wondered what Sarah was going to do with this one. So I watched her as their boat slowly started to come into her view.

Her head remained perfectly stationary, but I saw her eyes turn towards the fire fighters and open ever so slightly. She had on sunglasses, which she mistakenly thought would hide her roaming eyes. She followed that boat, drinking in the image as it began to pass us. With the course we were on, and the course they were on, from Sarah’s perspective the boat would soon be behind my head. I watched, amused, as her eyes intently focused on the boat finally met my eyes watching hers. She had been caught and knew it. Her eyes opened wide and she began to laugh. What else could she do?

I don’t expect it to be long before she gets some new sunglasses which are much darker.