Burns, bites, stings

When Greg and I moved to Texas, our real estate agent told us everything here either burns, bites, or stings. Abe learned this the hard way last night.

We were out for a walk when Abe leaped backward about three feet and began jumping up and down as if he had just dropped a hammer on his toe. I tried to rein him in, and I looked to the spot Abe had leapt away from. A scorpion scurried across the concrete. I had a minor shrieking attack, and we turned around and headed for home. I didn’t know anything about scorpions, so I felt sure imminent death, or at least paralysis, would strike Abe down. He looked OK though.

During the walk back, Abe cautiously approached every bug, weed, and piece of litter on the sidewalk. He spent several seconds inspecting a dead worm before he would risk walking past it. Poor, Abe. He normally bounds ahead of us, but this time he trailed a foot behind, circling around anything that looked suspicious.

I’m sorry Abe had to get stung by the scorpion, but he’s back to his normal self today, and he taught me a vital lesson. Never, ever, walk barefoot in Texas.