I hope I don’t have to give up my blog …

A couple years ago, I had plans to start a group called DWOGS. That’s Disgruntled Wives of Graduate Students. I thought I could gather the wives of Greg’s fellow grad students and we could commiserate about our troubles. I knew we shared the same troubles — husbands who were slaves to their work, got paid little, and attended school in a town with almost no job opportunities for us. But I never managed to get the DWOGS up and running.

Today, my dreams were renewed. One of my co-workers is also married to an engineer/computer nerd type. As we stood around talking about the idosyncracies of engineers, she joked with me that we should start a club for wives of engineers. Well, that’s the keenest idea I had heard in a long time.

I sent my co-worker an e-mail proposing that we form DWEBs (Disgruntled Wives of Engineering Boys). She said she knows two other potential members, and once she talks to them we might organize our founding meeting. I’m not sure what we will do — we have far less to complain about now than we did when our husbands were in grad school — but she proposed some sort of anti-engineering festivities. I see us smashing old Commodore computers with baseball bats, but I’m not sure what she has in mind. A bonfire of mousepads?

Details will be forthcoming. Or they might not be. Our club will most likely require an oath of secrecy to protect us from engineer backlash. DWEBs unite!