The Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy lives in my house. Really, he does. You probably thought the fairy was a girl, but you were mistaken. The fairy used to leave change all over the house even though I wasn’t losing teeth (thank goodness!). I collected the change and deposited it in a jar, and once in a while I carted the jar to the bank. I sometimes became frustrated with the fairy because he would leave two pennies sitting on the kitchen counter, another nickel on my nightstand, and a dime in the office. Couldn’t he at least leave the change in one place?

The complaining is over though. The Tooth Fairy must have come into some money because he has started leaving dollar bills scattered around the house … sometimes multiple dollar bills in one location. I like paper money. Instead of the jar, I’m stashing the money in my wallet. I’m just waiting to see what the Tooth Fair does next.

Hey, Tooth Fairy! Have any tens in that magic fairy bag?