In Greg’s ideal world

We went out for dinner tonight at a restaurant that was much more expensive than we expected. We had looked at their menu online, which listed items ranging from $10 to $15, but when we got there everything was at least twice that expensive. I think this restaurant has a pretty good gimmick going, lure them in with false advertising and then see if they’re bold enough to get up and leave after they look at the real menu.
At any rate, the food was good, and we decided to share a dessert. The waiter brought us a tower of chocolate waffles with Bailey’s Irish Cream ice cream balanced between them. Everything was smothered in fresh cream, strawberries, and almonds. As we dug in, Greg said, “We could eat this as a breakfast meal.”

“Yeah, right,” I said.

“It’s got waffles and strawberries,” Greg said, trying to convince me this was the breakfast of champions.

Umm, sure Greg … chocolate waffles and a big scoop of ice cream. That will really get you moving in the morning.

One thought on “In Greg’s ideal world

  1. My mother-in-law thinks that feeding a recovering heart bypass patient celery loaded with peanut butter is healthy because it’s made of celery. Nice try, Greg, though now I’m hungry for strawberries.

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