Why I married a computer geek

Yesterday afternoon, I started having problems at work with some of my documents. My computer was converting headlines into jibberish. I eventually figured out that it wasn’t jibberish, but Czechoslovakian. Some part of my computer recognized the jibberish as Czech and kept popping open a window to inform me that it didn’t know Czech spelling and grammar.

I wanted to scream back at it, “But you obviously do know Czech! You’re translating my documents into Czech!” I guess the computer realized it only knew conversational Czech, not the sort of technical language needed to write textbooks.

Well, 45 minutes and three IT people later, my computer was fixed. Somehow the Times New Roman font had been corrupted. The IT people said this was just random, but I know it wasn’t. My computers have “random” problems pretty frequently, and I’m starting to think I might be releasing some sort of magnetic forcefield. I’m scrambling these poor machines just by sitting in front of them.

And now that my computer is back to speaking English, I have a new problem. It’s capitalizing all the text I look at online. But in my world, that is a minor problem.