Unprecedented Attack Leaves Dog Confused And Scared… Humans Too

In an unprecedented move, an unprovoked Mr. Winston T. Muthler was seen attacking Mr. Abraham R. Muthler, his brother.

As Abraham was sleeping peacefully, Winston ran from another room and allegedly pounced on Abraham. A short scuffle ensued in which neither was injured. Abraham went back to sleep.

According to witnesses, Winston, apparently not satisfied, snuck up on him, sniffed his paw and then bit it. Abraham jumped up and crept backwards whimpering. Winston slowly walked up to him and slapped him across the snout with a paw. And then another and another. Abraham, having no other choice, knocked Winston to the ground and, using his teeth, rubbed Winston’s belly. Winston rolled back and forth on the floor showing off his stomach and attempting to entice Abraham into a skirmish. Instead, Abraham went back to sleep and Winston wandered off into another room.

Seconds later Winston came running from the other room and pounced on Abraham again. After a short struggle, Abraham managed to get loose, only to be attacked again a little while later.

When asked about the attacks and what might have caused Winston to act in such a manner, Abraham whimpered and said, “roof.” He gave no further comments.

Winston is currently on the run and wanted in connection with the alleged attacks. He is about 14 inches tall when sitting and weighs around 11 pounds. He was last seen wearing his fur. He is considered extremely dangerous. If you see him, contact authorities immediately. Do not attempt to apprehend him yourself.

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  1. He is multi-colored. We recommend that you stay away from all cats, independent of color. Scientists say research suggests this behavior to be instinctual in all cats and any proximity to a cat may result in being hunted and pounced on at any moment.

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