Greg’s second office

As I stood in the kitchen making my grocery list this morning, I heard Greg’s cell phone ring. He just got a new phone this week, so the ring was unfamiliar. I waited a moment for Greg to answer it. The phone rang again. But this time, the ring sounded different. I thought that seemed unusual … maybe Greg’s phone had a setting that caused the ringtone to switch from one sound to the next, although that didn’t seem like a feature Greg would use.

I walked toward the office to answer Greg’s phone. It rang again, and again the sound was different. As I neared the office, I figured out that the ringing wasn’t coming from the office. It was coming from the bathroom. Greg was in there … doing whatever he was doing, and playing with the ringtones on his phone. He REALLY likes that phone.

So if you’re calling Greg and can’t reach him, I have no idea why. He takes that phone everywhere with him.