Workplace theft?

“No. Listen to me. Sarah, listen to me. This is not theft. These were in the scrap pile. The scrap pile where they were going to be thrown out.”

These were Greg’s words as I sat down to write this post. This afternoon, Greg pulled three graphics processors out of his backpack that he had brought home from work. Apparently the guy in Greg’s office who is in charge of computer equipment said that these graphics cards needed to go and were free to a good home. Any employee could take them as long as he didn’t leave them in the office. This sounds a little suspect to me.

“I can’t believe they were throwing this one out,” Greg said, holding up the Quadro processor. “This isn’t that old. Do you know how much one of these cost when it was new?”

I’m suspicious. And Greg is threatening to take down the Web site because I posted this. So I must be onto something. You know people wanted to censor Woodward and Bernstein when they uncovered Watergate, too. I’m going to get to the bottom of this. And if this media outlet is going to censor me, I’ll just have to find another place to report my findings.

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