It’s a scary world

Having spent a relaxing week in Maine, Greg and I traversed to the Portland, Maine, airport yesterday afternoon. We knew we wouldn’t be allowed to carry any liquids, gels, etc. onto the plane, so we planned to check one bag. We never check luggage. We don’t like the nuisance of having to pick it up after the flight and the possible hassle of having it lost. But I refused to throw away all my make-up and toiletries.

Did I mention that these new rules are ridiculous? We had an empty water bottle with us. We got stopped at security, where they ran a cotton ball along the inside of the bottle and inserted the cotton ball into a machine to make sure we weren’t terrorists. I know the terrorists planned some frightening stuff, but shouldn’t we also be a little frightened by the thought of millions of travelers running around without toothpaste? Those terrorists are having a good belly laugh about this silliness. Wouldn’t it be more logical for laptops and cell phones to be banned?

As I mentioned before, Greg and I never check baggage. Why? Because when your flight is delayed and you finally touch down in Austin at two in the morning, the last thing you want to do is file a missing baggage report. But that’s exactly what we had to do because our bag got lost. The man writing the report asked us what was in the luggage. LIQUIDS! Duh!

The airline called today and said our bag will be returned shortly. I’m going to make sure we didn’t lose any valuable items. I have a suspicion that the bag ran into problems up in Maine. One of those Maine moose probably got into it. He’s got minty fresh breath and is running around in a pair of New Balance sneakers.

One thought on “It’s a scary world

  1. Oh, Sar, these things only happen to you! I got a good laugh out of this one as well (not to rub that in, but it is pretty funny!)

    Hope your anniversary was fantastic. Hard to believe it’s been 3 years!

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