His own worst enemy

Greg plays on the Nvidia softball team, and I watched the game last Sunday night. The nForcers (as they call themselves) got off to a sour start. A strong wind caused problems, and they had some bobbles in the field, so after the first inning, they were down 11-2.

A few innings later, with the chances of a comeback looking incredibly thin, Greg came up to bat. He drove the ball into center field and took off running. He decided to go for second base, but by that point the ball was being thrown to the second baseman. Greg slid. This wasn’t your typical head-first, mouth-full-of-dust slide. Instead, he bent his left knee and slid on his shin. Safe! But in the stands, I had my hands over my eyes. Greg has had two surgeries on his right knee, so I constantly worry about him injuring it, and sliding seems like a great way to hurt your knees.

The next batter strolled to the plate and smacked the ball toward the pitcher. Greg bolted for third base, but it was another close call, so again, he slid. And again, it was on his left shin. Safe! One of the fellow wives in the stands commented to me that it seemed irrational to put so much effort into a game that was already lost.
Greg ended up making it to home plate, and as he ran to the dugout, everyone cheered for him. Except me.

“Stop sliding!” I shouted as he smiled over at me. “Stop sliding!”

Well, of course a man will not listen to his wife. But when he gets home and has to clean sand out of a gaping four-inch tear in his leg, his wife starts to sound like a very smart lady. After a week of pain, Greg is finally starting to grow some new skin on his left shin, but no new hair there yet. I think he might have a bald patch for a while. At least I don’t think I have to worry about him sliding at tonight’s game.