My lumberjack

Greg and I went to the mall over the weekend. I’m appalled at the styles that the stores are trying to push back into fashion. Teenage girls in Nordstrom were shrieking with delight over slip-on Vans sneakers. Nearly every store is trying to convince us that we need tapered pants, which they mistakenly call skinny pants. Who looks skinny in these pants? Gap is running commercials with Audrey Hepburn, who is the only American woman ever to look good in the so-called skinny pants.

When we got home, I lamented to Greg about the “new” styles.

“I vaguely remember wearing these styles as I kid,” I said. “And they didn’t look good then. Why would anyone bring them back?”

“You know, the clothes from the ’80s seem really distinct,” Greg said. “But the ’90s don’t really seem like they had a style.”

“Yes, they did,” I argued. “What about the whole grunge thing? Everyone wearing big, flannel shirts?”

“But that’s just regular clothing,” Greg insisted. “That’s not a style.”

“Are you sure about that Greg?” I asked. “Or is it possible that since you grew up in the ’90s, you just thought that clothing was normal? Do you see people walking around in big, flannel shirts?”

Greg turned a little pink and stared at the ground. If Greg could, he would will flannel shirts back into style. Forest-green, flannel shirts. Not a bad idea actually. We’d be a lot more comfortable than we’re going to be walking around in those skinny pants.

One thought on “My lumberjack

  1. OH MY GOD. I couldn’t agree with you more. I can’t decide what’s worse…the skinny pants or the leggings under mini-skirts.

    I can’t believe that my company is endorsing this crap. I can’t take it.

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